Become a V2 Supporter

We really want to get some serious traction for Blotanical’s Version 2 upgrade due in February 2012.

So, if you want to get on board, and get some recognition for your help, then either;

  • Write a Tweet using the #BlotanicalV2 tag
  • Post a status update linking to this blog on Facebook or Google +, or
  • Add a post to your gardening blog with a link to this blog

Once you’ve added your support, email me at and let me know the URL you would like added to the V2 Supporters list. (only 1 per person) *It can be your Facebook or Google + link, your Twitter account or your blog address.

Get Involved

Feel like you have something to offer – get in touch.

We’re looking for CSS designers, PHP and MySQL programmers, UI gurus and those who would love to support this site financially. If you have something to offer which hasn’t been listed then please contact us anyway – we may still be able to involve you.


  1. Thanks Stuart. Now you have given me an URL I can use to link to. Just as I asked ;~)

  2. That’s odd. I’ve added this to the blogroll on my sidebar, but it shows up right at the botttom/wrong end of the list with no date. Why doesn’t it show up as ‘today’ near the top?

  3. I’ve said it earlier, but there really should be a donate button on Blotanical.

  4. Catherine says:

    Looking forward to seeing the changes!

  5. Yes! Just keep the first comment?

    Now this shows up on my blogroll as ’1 Day Ago’
    I have you in the second slice – Gardeners beyond the USA.

  6. Julia says:

    So very excited for version 2 to come out! Thanks Stuart for all that you do =)

  7. Hi Stuart, am excited to see the new and improved Blotanical!! It was here I got my introduction to many garden bloggers. Please add my blog ‘’
    I shared this on my twitter account @queenOC4D :-)

  8. b-a-g says:

    Hi Stuart – I have added the V2 blog-link to my sidebar.
    Excited to see the changes.
    Please add my blog address to your supporters list:

    Thanks, b-a-g.

  9. Hi Stuart, Kudos for all your hard work. I wrote a brief show of support with link at the end of my current post. It can be seen at


  10. As usual, I’m not clear what’s going on. It all seems the same at present but you are hoping we will let people know it will be different soon . . . ? . . . Seems a bit premature. Nevertheless . . . I’ve put the leaf with the mouse in my sidebar instead of the old Blotanical Banner and it clicks through to Blotanical home page. Hope that’s what you are meaning.

    URL below.

  11. Sally Nex says:

    Hi Stuart, I’ve tweeted on my account @sallynex: good luck for the launch, I’m looking forward to it.
    Please add my blog website of to your supporters list!

  12. FlowerLady says:

    I also look forward to seeing the changes, and visiting and learning more from so many talented gardeners around the world.

    I posted the new logo, linked to the blog directory in my sidebar.


  13. Ronnie Tyler says:

    Hi Stuart. I am looking forward to the new Blotantical V2, especially because I seemed to have lost a lot of traffic from Blotanical since changing my blog name in July. I have tweeted my support for #BlotanicalV2 [@ronitee] and will now put the new logo on the sidebar of my blog : Hurtled to 60 and Now Beyond. Ronnie

  14. Becky says:

    Stuart, I will most certainly post about Blotanical once it is up and running. Since I haven’t seen anything but the old version it would be hard to write about it in any meaningful way. I only blog. I don’t twitter or facebook. I hope it is ready soon before blogging gets more passe than it already is.

  15. How are your plans progressing, Stuart? Blotanical is where most of us garden bloggers originally met each other, so we hope you will be successful! Can you share any news with us and keep us updated?

  16. Like Jan, I’ve come to ask if you could do more posts here. It’s embarrassing having the Blotanical sign in my sidebar which says that version 2 is coming soon and ‘more’ when there isn’t,it’s staying the same.

  17. Nell Jean says:

    I couldn’t find a Facebook link thingie. I don’t Tweet, but I put a link on Seedscatterer II in my post that links to the Mousies, saying about how they’ll have individual personalities in V2.


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