… and closer!

Ok, so it’s February and V2 is somewhere in transit between the Mediterranean and the Southern Ocean. But don’t despair. Everything is still going well – just slow.

I’m hoping that we will have the first footprints marking the shores in the next few weeks – still within February but alas not at the start of it.


  1. 43 of us, waiting, patiently.

  2. Lona says:

    I think the suspense is getting to us all. LOL!

  3. Nell Jean says:

    An encouraging word is always appreciated. Nice that word came on Bloom Day.

  4. Do you think everyone knows you are posting here? After all, on our plots we have a notice that says ‘Blotanical Update: What’s Happening’. Although it’s ever so old, it’s still there – and it’s there that we used to click for news. Would it be worth updating that, if only to tell people to come here?

  5. Becky says:

    There’s not much of February left. Good thing this is a leap year so you have that extra day. You are still there aren’t you Stuart?

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